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another start.

here's another journal, i guess. i swear i'm addicted to these things.

well, i think this is going to be a "private" journal, but the chances are i'll change my mind to the infamous friends only theme.

so comment, add me, and i will add you back.
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Will you add me if youd like? We seem to have a lot in common. I was clicking around on interests and I saw we had the same ones! If you decide to keep this private, just let me know. But if not, the Id love to be added as your friend. Sorry for such the long comment! </3 Dana.
I'm sure I'll be making some friends-only entries. I'll add you back :). <3 me.
I would love to be a part of your LJ and i would love it if you would be my friend. ill add u to my list :)
I'll add you back :). I don't really make friends-only entries since the one person on here doesn't update at all. But I'll make them now :).
I'd love to be your friend too. add me pack please?
Will do :).


August 5 2004, 13:30:37 UTC 12 years ago

heyy i dont currently have a livejournel but i juss wanted to comment and say hi am from the lost community is that u on ur icon cuz i juss love it and if its you its gorgous
juss thought id drop by and say hi
How did you see my icon on the _lost_ community if any posts I made there were friends only and you don't have a journal?...

And unfortunately, that isn't me. I wish. She really is gorgeous though.
i added you as a friend. you can add me back if you'd like. : ]
Added :).
will u add me, <3?
Of course :). <3
Hey I added you will you add me? And ya your icon is the shit! A dream....
~Beth :-)
I see you got my picture to work as your icon :), awesome.

And I'll add you back of course ;), hell yeah it's a dream...I wish I looked that good.

Suspended comment

Added of course :).
hey you should join real_x_beauty
i made it a few months ago but it died out so we're trying to get it back up. please just check it out =)



Hey pplz,

Would someone please talk to me and help me i feel soo lonely and sad. I need to lose 5kgs fast i am 45kgs but want to lose 5kgs which will go down to my goal weight 40kgs (what a beautiful number)
Any tips pplz?
Hey there, I'm in the _importunate community with you. Add?

definitely, dear :].
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