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your face is light

& cocaine white.

18 June
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struggling to attain happiness with myself. i'll use this to help me.
"this curse", a cry for attention, accidental binges, angelina jolie, anorexia, appearance, at all costs, baby fat, bad influences, beautiful, beauty, being content, body issues, body obsession, bony, burning calories, cheekbones, chewing gum, collar bones, colored contacts, competing, confidence, counting calories, cracking bones, crunches, curves, dangerous thoughts, determination, diet tips, dieting, diets, discipline, distorted images, don't eat, dropping sizes, dying to be thin, eating ice, envy, exercise, extreme dieting, false perception, fat, flat stomach, food journals, food obsession, for your attention, fuck me, fuck you, fucking skinny, get in control, getting slim, glassjaw, gorgeous, growing up, head automatica, hott, hunger pain, i hate myself, i want beauty, i'm so vain, ice, jealousy, let me be beautiful, lose weight fast, losing pounds, losing weight, love, low-cal, lust, malnutrition, manipulation, materialistic, mewithoutyou, mirrors, models, must get thin, negative calories, never ending, nothing but bones, obesity, obsessive, one thousand or less, over analyzing, paris hilton, perfection, protruding hip bones, pull me through this, real beauty, restricting, save me, save me from myself, self-control, self-destructive tendencies, self-image problems, self-improvement, sexy, sinking slowly, skinny, skinny all around, skinny at all costs, sleeping through it, so pretty, so skinny, soulmates, starve, starving, starving beauty, supermodels, thinspiration, this sickness, true beauty, ugliness, undereating, underweight, warped perception, water, we were infinite, weightloss, wet foods, whatever it takes, writing, you make the clothes